Review: The Wolf in Winter by John Connolly

The Wolf in Winter - John Connolly
Publication date: 10th April 2014.
I have fond recollections of reading my first John Connolly novel, Every Dead Thing, so was really pleased to be given an Advanced Reading Copy of The Wolf in Winter by the publisher, via netgalley.

This is the latest novel to feature detective Charlie Parker, and concerns the town of Prosperous, Maine. Parker is following up on the case of a homeless man whose alleged suicide doesn't ring true to The detective. Investigations lead him to Prosperous, where things take a decidedly stranger turn.

I enjoyed this story and found it interesting, but I'm afraid to say I got a little lost along the way and found it wasn't holding my interest. I persevered and finished the book, but found the end disappointing. I really wanted to enjoy this as much as my first Connolly, but it wasn't meant to be. I'm sure this has more to do with me than the book and hope that others will find it as enjoyable as I wanted to find it.