My early reviews are horrifying!

I've been spending some time looking through the long list of books I've received via netgalley and found some that weren't in my booklikes review blog. Now I've had a chance to look at all the feedback I sent for some of those galleys I received when I first joined netgalley, I'm horrified at the sheer lack of detail - my reviews were so rubbish! I'm surprised I got offered any review copies at all!


I'm adding them to my blog in any case, and trying to decide whether I still need to post my reviews in so many places. I currently post in Amazon UK & US, goodreads, librarything, bookbridgr and my blog, as well as other sites if appropriate - netgalley, real readers, Waterstones, smashwords, Lovereading, B & N... I guess the reason I still post in most of these is that I figure every review helps the writer.


What does everyone else think?