Review: The Water Trade by Charlie Deer

The Water Trade - Charlie Deer

The author, Charlie Deer, asked me to read this book and provide an honest review. I had no idea of this book's full content, being rather ignorant of The Water Trade, but enjoyed the beginning of the story as April and Kit are introduced.


At first, April and Kit work in a gentlemen's club and paid according to how many bottles of champagne they get the clients to buy. Hearing that they could do the same work in Hong Kong and earn the time as much, the girls quickly sign up and are on a plane. The tale turns much darker as the harsh reality of their true profession is revealed. 


I can't say more without giving the rest of the book away, but suffice to say that this book is both violent and horrific. It is almost a step too far for me, but it was compulsive reading at the same time. 3/5