Review: The Earth Keys by Latour Angel

The Earth Keys - Ms. Latour Angel

This is essentially a book about good versus evil, the age-old basis for many a novel. The Earth Keys features a pastor and various members of his congregation, who must all contribute in battling the evil force that threatens their community and wider.


I found some of the characters, such as Sally, much more engaging than the others, and found myself skimming the chapters featuring other characters in order to catch up with my favourites.


This is a very long novel which I believe could have benefited from the services of a proofreader/editor as there are lots of spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors which distracted me from the story. Having said that, the premise is good. 2.5/5.


I'd like to thank author Latour Angel for giving me a copy of her book in return for an honest review.