Review: Patriot (Brooke Kinley Adventures #1) by A. S. Bond

Patriot (A Brooke Kinley Adventure) (Volume 1) - A S Bond

Brooke is a journalist hot on the heels of the story of a lifetime, but, getting all the gory details and making it out alive is another matter. Brooke will need all her wits about her and some assistance along the way in order to break the news.

This Brooke Kinley Adventure by A. S. Bond is fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat stuff. Barely leaving time between chapters in which to catch your breath before you're flung into the next assault on your emotions.

This novel gripped me from the outset and put me through the wringer before flinging me out like a wet rag at the end! Brooke is an engaging character, a young woman who is self-reliant and motivated. She is assisted on her journey towards the truth by a few men, but they need her help as much as she needs theirs.

My only criticism would be that I found the chapters focusing on Scott lacked the thrill of the chapters centred around Brooke. I found myself skimming in order to get to the next bout of action.

Bond's prose is exciting, descriptive and enchanting; the story thrilling and explosive. A great read for anyone who fancies adventure on a grand scale.

Special thanks to author A. S. Bond for the copy I received in return for an honest review.

4/5 stars.