Review: The Light Who Shines by Lilo Abernathy

The Light Who Shines - Lilo Abernathy

I would describe The Light Who Shines, author Lilo Abernathy's debut novel, as crime-meets-paranormal with a fair amount of mystery, thrills, some romance and a pretty steamy sex scene or two! 


It is the year 2022, in the time of the Red Ages. Bluebell Kildare is an Inspector attached to the Homicide Unit of the Supernatural Investigation Bureau. The Unit picks up cases in which the perpetrator is a Vampire or someone magically Gifted. Blue is signed a new case in which the victim met his end in a particularly gory manner, unusual in that it is seemingly unrelated to his Gift.


Lilo Abernathy's words tell the story with an easy flow, pulling you in slowly from the start, until you realised hours have passed but you just have to read one more chapter! The characters are engaging and endearing, or menacing and unrepenting. Blue is a worthy heroine but shows her vulnerability at the same time. 


My only criticism of this novel is that there are a few spelling/grammatical errors, but, given that this is a self-published novel, this number pales into insignificance when compared to other similar books. Roll on book 2, The Light Who Binds!


Sincere thanks to Lilo Abernathy, for providing me with a review copy; and to Varg, who we would love to welcome here at the house of hounds!