Angel Unborn (Deadly Sins, #1)

Angel Unborn (Deadly Sins, #1) - Andris Bear This book is really different and I've not read anything quite like it before. Yes, I've read books about angels and demons, heaven and hell, but not like this. This combines the age-old battle of good against evil with a fiery heroine and one particularly hot (and completely out-of-bounds) male angel.
Our heroine Joey discovers that she is part angel and is looked after by the hot Ursus. Things are never simple from the beginning of this book until the very end, and along the way we meet more angels and demons, and everything in between.
A fast-paced romp through heaven, earth and hell, the only reason I didn't award this more stars is due to the consistently bad writing - words missed out and poor grammar and spelling. If that were better, I would have given the and a half to four stars. I'd be interested in reading the next book in the series.