Robbery, Murder and Cups of Tea: A Novella

Robbery, Murder and Cups of Tea: A Novella - Phil Church I thoroughly enjoyed this short story about serial murder in a village. It has a touch of Midsomer Murders about it, but with far more interesting characters - Ray, a supermarket manager who spends more time drinking tea and trying (unsuccessfully) to solve the recent spate of murders than actually managing anything; his fruit-eating disinterested wife, Laura, who seems more interested in the television than her bewildered husband; supermarket employees Julia and the incompetent Adam plus all the other beer swilling, would-be detectives who inhabit the village.
This novella is well-written and has an interesting plot. The characters are endearing and thee storyline descriptive. I found myself reading until the wee small hours, which for me is a sign of a great book. 5/5 stars - I'm really looking forward to reading more from Phil Church!