Review: A Single Step (Grayson Trilogy #1) by Georgia Rose

A Single Step - Georgia  Rose

I'd like to sincerely thank author Georgia Rose for the free download of this novel via goodreads. I must admit I didn't read the synopsis prior to download as I do like a surprise read every now and then. The front cover image of this novel didn't really give any clues as to the story within, such a simple yet effective image that, to me, conjured up countless possibilities.


This novel was so easy to read, with each chapter flowing seamlessly into the next. Unlike countless other ebooks around, my ocd afflicted eye struggled to find grammatical or punctuation errors. I found the grand total of none! This alone meant a huge thumbs up for this book.


Female protagonist Emma Grayson embarks on a complete change of life as she takes a new job caring for the family horses, complete with accommodation on the sprawling country estate, of a wealthy couple. Emma is relishing the chance of some solitude with only her faithful dog Susie, and new equestrian charges, for company. The country setting is picturesque, the horses a joy to ride and care for and her cottage charming. Emma, however, is about to get a whole lot more company than she bargained for!


I found the characters likeable and well written, the story great to read and a few surprises along the way. I did find a few parts rather predictable, but this simply meant that I didn't have to think too much. A steady easy to read novel and a week thought out start to the Grayson trilogy. I'll be looking out for the second instalment. 4/5.