Review: Trust Your Eyes by Linwood Barclay

Trust Your Eyes - Linwood Barclay

I was lucky to receive an advance copy of this book from realreaders, and was so excited to get it as i have loved all of Linwood Barclay's book so far.
The story of the 2 brothers, Ray and Thomas, is the main focus of the book. Their relationship is strained as their father has recently died under suspicious circumstances, and Ray finds it difficult to communicate with and understand Thomas, who has schizophrenia.
Thomas is completely engrossed in an online world called Whirl360 where you can literally go to anywhere on the planet and view it. Thomas has what i would call a photographic memory, as he can tell anyone how to get to anywhere in the world, based on his life in Whirl360. Thomas also believes that he works fro the CIA and talks to Bill Clinton. Ray thinks that Thomas is making this up, but is he?
Thomas witnesses a murder on Whirl360, and Ray helps him to solve the mystery surrounding it. This fast paced attempt to try and uncover what really happened, combined with Ray's growing unease surrounding his father's death, intertwine throughout, and makes this book very good reading.
i was completely engrossed in this book from start to finish and stayed up all night so that i could find out what happened with the murder, and with the father's death.
The final twist right at the end of the book was a complete surprise, and combined with all the twist and turns throughout the story, made it so very hard to put down.