Review: Girl Afraid by Ciaran West

Girl Afraid: A Novel - Ciarán West

Oh my goodness... this book is entirely shocking, covering the difficult subjects of paedophilia and trafficking. When I describe it like that it doesn't sound like something that I would even consider reading... but I just couldn't put it down. I so badly wanted there to be a happy ending of some sort for Poppy and Alice.
This is so well written and engaging, despite the controversial subject, that you just have to carry on reading. I'll admit that I did some skimming toward the end, particularly once the guns made their appearance, not because I had got noted with the story or anything, simply that the descriptions of the injuries sustained by the various people was a little stomach-churning, even for me.
Well worth a read if you can get past the subject. I think my next read will be much less harrowing!