Book round up

Usually at this time of the year I look back over the books I've read and try to work out my top ten or twenty from the multitude of amazing books I've read throughout the year. This year, however, I'm embarrassed to see there are only a handful to choose from. I've read two or three more that I've not written reviews for yet, but that is all. So, in the whole year, I've read less than 10 books. I've been busy at times writng about music, but the main factor in my lack of reading and reviewing is my health. 

I have a few chronic health conditions, including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, cluster headaches and ehlers-danlos syndrome (hypermobile type). Although they're not life threatening, theyare all fluctuating and at times they are severely life limiting. Escaping into a book, movie or TV programme can be great pain management at times, but is not always possible when the pain is too severe. Then listening to music is my therapy. Life is hard, but I'm lucky. I have a handful of brilliant friends, a small but supportive family and our dog and pet rats to cuddle.