Review: Silent Suspect (Jessica Daniel #13) by Kerry Wilkinson

Silent Suspect - Kerry Wilkinson
Published by: KAW Publishing (21st December 2018)

ISBN: 978-0957016422

Source: Netgalley

Rating: 5*


It started with a phone call. With just one word: ‘Jessica’ - and now Detective Inspector Jessica Daniel has a big problem. Her missing friend, Bex, called from a battered seaside payphone and yet, by the time Jessica arrived, there was nobody there. 
One man claims he can help – but then he turns up on a beach stabbed to death. Jessica believes someone must be framing her.
Someone who is always a step ahead. When she finds a boy whose tattoo matches Bex's, she becomes more desperate than ever for answers.
But, with the police growing more suspicious, Jessica doesn’t have long to find Bex before she becomes the prime suspect for a murder. With more than her career at stake, can Jessica clear her name - and find her friend – before it’s too late for them both? Review: I really enjoyed seeing Jessica step away from the office and the complete change of environment for her in this book. Her search for the elusive Bex is fraught with mystery and red herrings that just more frustrating with each turn of the page.
Kerry Wilkinson winds the tension ever tighter with each and every chapter as Jessica's clue's towards Bex's location turn quite literally into dead ends. As Jessica seeks help from a character seen in previous novels, it feels good to revisit that character interaction with Jessica.
The police are on her tail and she needs someone she can trust. Typically, the author's character detailing is second to none and his description of the environment, both the city and the rural landscape is stunning.
I could almost feel the earth beneath my hands as Jessica was scrambling around. This was a book full of trepidation, which the author kept up all the way through. There were shocks and surprises and I'm really looking forward to the next book in the series!