Review: Disciple of the Gods (The Theurgy Revolution #2)

Discipline of the Gods (The Theurgy Revolution 2) - James Val'Rose

ISBN: 9781999881405





Awakening in a strange new world – red lights flashing by themselves, doors opening on their own, lights existing behind walls – Jerome wonders where it all went wrong. Under the scrutiny of Tathism, a new and fanatical religion, he wonders what happened to end the eight years of happiness. Reunited with his old friends, all of whom seem bound by immortality, he tries to accept this new world. However, The Reformation is eager to put to right the mistakes of the past.

Now, with Tathites and The Reformation determined to find them, the group must make a choice – whether to try and find a way home, or remain drifters in the void of time. However is the choice even their own? Or is it really the calling of a deeper, otherworldly future…?



This second volume of The Theurgy Revolution is a book I have been anticipating since the epic first volume appeared on my best reads of 2014. The wonderful cast of characters from the author's first novel are personalities that really sprang to life from the pages, so I had been wondering all this time what their fate would be.

Jerome is a beautifully written character totally lost in the world he has awoken into, everyday objects that we take for granted are described perfectly. As the story progresses and the Tathites make themselves known, the author's use of complex language again comes into play and makes me use my brain (and google!).

I don't want to give the plot of this sequel away, but meeting some familiar characters, the fascinating play between the different personalities and finding out unforseen secrets are all highlights. Personally, I cannot wait for volume 3 as I am dying to find out what happens next!