Review: The Secret Wound by Deirdre Quiery

The Secret Wound - Deirdre Quiery

Published by: Urbane Publications (9th June 2017)


ISBN: 978-1911331834


Source: Netgalley 


Rating: 2.5*



The Secret Wound draws the reader into a complex web of relationships within the ex-pat community in Mallorca, discovering their dangerous secrets...and a potential murderer in their midst. One of their number carries a dark and deadly secret from their past, and has murderous plans for a fellow ex-pat. Can any of the close- knit community discover the brutal plans before they are all put in mortal danger? 



I had been very intrigued by the description of this book, but somehow it was left languishing on my TBR for a while. I'm pleased I've now (finally!) managed to read it. 


Although this is a book about a crime, it is also about complex relationships between the characters. Gurtha and his parents Nuala and Paddy, Gurtha's friend Cornelia, her husband,  and various other characters that drift in and out of all of their lives. 


I liked that the book was set in both Dublin and Mallorca, though most of the story does take place in Mallorca. The descriptions of the scenes there are fantastic; I was easily able to conjure up images in my head.


I found the story quite difficult to get into initially, but in places it did hold my interest. I think it's definitely more of a grower. I was really struggling towards the last third but persevered as I wanted to find out what happened in the end. Although there is some real drama just before the end of the book, the very last page or two were a real let-down for me! I just thought "is that it?!"