Review: J is for Jaws (A-Z of Horror #10) by Iain Rob Wright

J is for Jaws (A-Z of Horror Book 10) - Iain Rob Wright

Publication Date: 30th April 2015


Publisher: SalGad Publishing Group




Rating: 4*



A group of friends in the Gulf of Mexico sunbathe on a yacht. It’s as close as to paradise as you can get.

But something has just woken up in paradise.

And it’s coming.



Shudder...this brings back memories of certain films featuring horrors at sea, of which I've seen far too many. Yes, it's all been done before, but J is for Jaws is written with intelligence and respect to its predecessors.

In some short stories, it can be really difficult to get much sense of the characters, but here they are described in such a way as they are instantly likeable (or not!) so you can root for them (or not!)

Another great instalment.