Review: You Wish by Terry Tyler

You Wish... - Terry Tyler

Publication Date: 5th November 2011


ASIN: B006423HGW


Source: Author provided a copy in exchange for an honest review.


Rating: 4½/5


YOU WISH was the winner of the "Best Chick Lit/Women's Lit" in the eFestival of Words 2013.



Do we control our own destiny - or might it be determined by fate, 
coincidence, luck...or even magic?


Ruth, an amateur psychic with a husband who smokes cannabis for breakfast, is 
haunted by a tragic event from her teenage years which, she suspects, was the 
result of a wish she made on an allegedly enchanted stone. Too embarrassed to 
admit her fears, she keeps her secret to herself for twenty-five years.


Petra is the perennial singleton amongst her friends, unable, she thinks, to 
fall in love. She comes across the stone at a Psychic Fair and makes a wish, 
just for fun. As the wish begins to come true she wishes she had chosen her 
words with more care.


Spoilt, weight-obsessed Sarah wants nothing more than to be "size zero". As 
her life spirals downwards into the seedy world of drug abuse and addiction, she 
remembers the day at the Psychic Fair when she wished for her heart's desire. 


When Ruth learns of the fates of Petra and Sarah she is forced to confront her 
guilt and discover the truth about the Wishing Stone...


Terry Tyler's debut novel is a quirky contemporary drama exploring the themes 
of family affairs, infidelity and guilt, incorporating jealousy, drug abuse and the 
obsession of a Facebook stalker, against a backdrop of secrets and superstition. 



Although I've read a few books by this author, I'd somehow neglected to read her début, so she very kindly provided me with a review copy. 


You Wish features several different, unrelated characters whose stories are intelligently interwoven around their chance encounter with the Wishing Stone. There are characters to love, characters to loathe and characters to intrigue; all beautifully written in that deliciously descriptive way that great writers have, making you feel like you know them inside out, making you care about what happens to them.


I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.


About the author:

Terry lives in the north of England with her husband, and has published ten books on Amazon. Readers say she has created her own genre, which lies somewhere in the area of contemporary drama and romantic suspense, with the occasional bit of rock fiction and mystery thrown in.

LAST CHILD is her latest release; this is the sequel to Kings and Queens, both of which are modern day parallels of events that took place during the Tudor era of history. Terry is now at work on a third 'history revisted' novel, this time based on the women behind the Wars of the Roses. 

Terry has a blog on which she writes about anything from her favourite TV shows to observations about social networking trends, and also writes for the UK Arts Directory about self-publishing. This year she started a new book blog; on this you can find her own reading choices and those she reads as part of Rosie Amber's book review team. All three blogs are widely read. She is an active Twitter user, and can also be found on Goodreads and Facebook.