Review: Unfinished Business by Ted Tayler

Unfinished Business - Ted Tayler

Publication Date: 25th March 2014




Source:  Review request from author


Rating: 4/5



The sequel to the award winning ‘The Final Straw’ sees Colin Bailey return to the UK after almost a decade abroad. With a new name and a new face he still has scores to settle.

His meticulous planning takes him ingeniously across Scotland and the North of England ticking names off his list with the police completely baffled. DCI Phil Hounsell pitted his wits against Colin before and is sent to Durham where he teams up with super intelligent young DS Zara Wheeler; together they track their man to Manchester and then eventually south to Bath.

The final scenes take place on the streets of the Roman city; Phil Hounsell’s family is threatened and in a dramatic conclusion reminiscent of Holmes and Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls, the two men struggle above the foaming waters of the historic Pulteney weir.



Although I have not yet read The Final Straw,  this sequel reads like a stand alone novel, with every detail of this great crime thriller being clear and understood.


The author's attention to detail is outstanding! We are taken inside the mind of serial killer Colin Bailey, where every minute intricacy of his plan is unravelled. The conclusion of the story is made clear from the start, but the unrelenting pace draws you in from the start and takes you along for the bumpy ride.


This brilliantly told tale is very very good and the author will join my 'ones to watch' list. If you're a fan of gritty crime thrillers, you need to read Ted Tayler!