Review: Written in the Blood by Stephen Lloyd Jones (DNF)

Written in the Blood - Stephen Lloyd Jones, Gemma Whelan

Publication Date: 29th January 2015


Publisher: Headline


ISBN: 978-1472204721


Source: Bookbridgr/Netgalley


Rating: 2/5



High in the mountains of the Swiss Alps Leah Wilde is about to gamble her life to bring a powerful man an offer. A promise.

Leah has heard the dark stories about him and knows she is walking into the lion's den. But her options are running out. Her rare lineage, kept secret for years, is under terrible threat. That is, unless Leah and her mother Hannah are prepared to join up with their once deadly enemies.

Should the prey ever trust the predator?

Is hope for future generations ever enough to wash away the sins of the past?

With a new and chilling danger stalking them all, and the survival of their society at stake, they may have little choice...



I was so excited when I heard about this book and I really wanted to read it. It sounded brilliant, so I was really pleased to receive it. But, I was so disappointed! Now I've read reviews from other readers, I can only conclude that it's me. Maybe I just didn't get it?; perhaps I should have read the prequel, The String Diaries, first? Whatever the reason, I abandoned it after reading 50%.

There were aspects I liked. I found Leah an interesting character and I enjoyed some interactions. I'll give it another go at some point and update my review if I change my mind.