Review: Gluten Free Diet Secrets by Nick Ellis

Gluten Free Diet Secrets: How To Live Gluten Free And Wheat Free For Weight Loss - Nick Ellis

There are a great many books of this ilk around, as so many people cannot tolerate gluten or are choosing to avoid eating it where possible. I decided to read and review it as it appeared to be aimed at the 'diet' market.


The first thing that struck me was the cover - a variation on the 'crossed grain' logo, as used by Coeliac UK. I wonder if this is purely coincidental, or to infer that this book is somehow official. The author's name is omitted from the cover - highly unusual, so I only discovered the author's identity after searching for the book online. 


Good points: Contained within the book is an introduction to gluten; what it is and the problems it can cause in the body. This information is fairly comprehensive and could be ideal for someone new to the gluten-free world. There are also a few recipes, and a suggested menu plan for the gluten-free dieter. Some of the ingredients are quite hard to source in the UK, but the menu planner is varied and interesting, appearing appetising enough as to not bore the dieter.


Not-so-good points: There are numerous spelling and grammatical errors, which make the book look unprofessional. The title of this book suggests that the secrets to losing weight by avoiding gluten are contained within the pages. In fact, the diet 'secrets' contained within this book are no secret at all! 'Eat less and move more' is a universal diet approach and is nothing new. If you're looking for a book to help you to lose weight whilst following a gluten-free lifestyle, this is not it.