Review: Crossing The Line by Kerry Wilkinson

Crossing the Line  - Kerry  Wilkinson

The publisher, Panmacmillan, very kindly provided me a proof of Crossing The Line, the first novel by Kerry Wilkinson that I've read. I read a lot of crime novels, so it takes a really great book to get a rave review from me.

Crossing The Line features Detective Inspector Jessica Daniel, freshly promoted and eager to crack her challenging new case. As the bodies begin to mount up, DI Daniel risks her career and her life to discover the identity of the killer.

This book really challenged my ideas of what is right and wrong, who is guilty and who is innocent. DI Daniel is a fiesty character who is instantly likeable, down to earth and determined. The story grabbed my attention from the outset and held it throughout.

Full of surprises, this carefully crafted novel was the perfect introducing to this author. I'll be adding the rest of his books to my wishlist!