Review: To The Swift by Missy Michaels

To the Swift - Missy Michaels

Monica & Daniel decide have a fresh start by moving to Memphis with their three children. The couple have a real chance of taking their relationship back to how it was in the beginning. Things do not always go to plan...


There is romance and suspense here, but I found the book a little disappointing. The conversation didn't flow well for me and didn't seem natural, but it could be that the vocabulary doesn't translate well across the Atlantic. 

The cover picture made me think that this book would perhaps lean more towards erotica rather than romance, but I didn't find that so. 


There are some twists along the way, but, unfortunately none that were unexpected. I do read a lot of suspense-type books however.


There is potential here for some good storytelling, but the book could really benefit from being proofread and edited; I found the grammatical errors distracting.


Sincere thanks to author Missy Michaels for the copy of this book, received in return for an honest review.