Goodreads says about paid reviews…

Reblogged from Debbie's Spurts:

Goodreads issued a reminder about paid reviews in the Authors Feedback group:

"… everyone that commercial reviews -- meaning reviews you paid to receive -- are strictly prohibited on Goodreads. This includes reviews purchased on pay-for-services sites like Fiverr. Not only will we remove any commercial reviews we find, but as an author, you may be removed from the site for purchasing reviews…"

The thread could get interesting, particularly if staff join the discussion versus just issuing the note and disappearing.  Personally, I had to ask:

"...does goodreads, like the FTC, consider exchange/assigned/return author reviews "paid" because paid with return services?

If so, provided properly disclosed like free-for-honest-review books, does goodreads allow them?"


(Not sure what percentage of goodreads authors belong to or how many goodreads ornon-goodreads  authors will see; just thought I would share in case anyone missed or was interested in the thread.)