Review: Upside Down by Liz Gavin

Upside Down: 'Powerless' continues in - Liz Gavin

I'm not a great fan of the erotica genre, so when author Liz Gavin asked me to read and review this book my initial reaction was to decline. Apart from one or two free books, along with the disappointing Fifty Shades trilogy, I've not read many books of this type and wondered whether my indifference to the genre would have a negative effect on my review of Upside Down.


Despite my initial scepticism, I found likeable characters and an interesting plot inside the pages. Protagonist Carol is a smart, successful, sexy businesswoman who has a sexual agreement with her assistant, Mark, and appears to know exactly what she wants...or does she?


Enter attractive new recruit Cindy, who is ruthless in getting her own way. As the tale unfolds, we discover how these two powerful women strive to take charge... until emotions get in the way.


I enjoyed the story, the strong female characters (I can't abide simpering females!) and the rather surprising ending. Yes, there's a lot of graphic sex scenes, but they work within the storyline. At no point did I roll my eyes and skim yet another sexual encounter, as I've done with every other book I've attempted to read in this genre. I'm really impressed with Liz Gavin's writing and look forward to reading more of her work. 4.5/5.