Review: Liberty Frye and The Witches of Hessen by J. L. McCreedy

Liberty Frye and the Witches of Hessen - J.L. McCreedy

Thanks to author J. L. McCreedy for the review copy of this novel, which is aimed at teen/young adult readers.


Liberty ('Libby') Frye has just turned ten years old when she learns the grandmother she once thought to be dead is actually very much alive. Libby and her parents set off on a journey to visit the elderly relative, but things take a rather strange turn almost immediately...


This is a book that I'd have loved as a young reader! Libby is a strong character, likeable and endearing and I can imagine the younger me wanting to be like her. All the characters are well written, it's a great story with both drama and humour, some supernatural and a touch of mystery. The combination really works well to ensure that Liberty Frye is not a book I'll forget in a hurry. 4.5/5.