Review: The Dark Communion (The Midnight Defenders) by Joey Ruff

The Dark Communion - Joey Ruff


A cracking fantasy tale that sucks you in from the outset and spits you out at the finish. Addictive and exciting, this first Midnight Defenders episode introduces the reader to Jono Swyftt, personal investigator and killer of monsters. 

With an arsenal of kick-ass guns, Swyftt and his partner scour Seattle in search of a missing autistic boy and a catatonic billionaire that has mysteriously vanished from a local nursing home. Coming face-to-face with one ugly son-of-a-bitch and the serial killer bums that are under his spell, Swyftt must draw on all his strength to win the battle and save the day.

Fans of Supernatural will enjoy this fast-paced romp into the paranormal. With a likeable hero and more monsters than you can shake a stick at, this will appeal to readers of fantasy and paranormal alike. 4/5 stars.

Thanks to Joey Ruff for sharing his book with me in return for an honest review.