Feedback regarding my proofreading services from Mia Romero, author of Otherkind.

"I definitely thought you were courteous, friendly to the point of enthusiastic which was great(!) and communicated well, asking questions and not assuming. When you gave alternatives they were great and you explained yourself in some or asked me why i'd used a particular word/phrase etc rather than just change it with an 'i know better' viewpoint and no comment - thankfully that never happened but I know of copy editors who do that, and nothing guarantees a writer's unfriendly attitude towards them more so than when this happens!

We did discuss the most user friendly way of sending back the MS, I recall ie. in its amended state, using the highlighting/editing functions on Word so a writer can see what's been changed and why in the annotation section. The writer can then choose to keep the amend or undo it etc. That is definitely the easiest/most helpful way of returning work back to a writer in this email-friendly environment!

Other than that I felt very satisfied with your work, your professionalism and your very speedy turnaround which is a definite plus point, friendliness and communications I think are the key to forging working relationships in any business and I thought you dealt there exceedingly well!"