Feedback from author Caleb Monroe on working with me as a reviewer

"The first thing I will say is as a reviewer you are really open to reading anything.  Most of the people I tried to contact would not give my book a chance.  They would read the first two chapters and then tell me they did not like the plot or the characters and stop reading it.   You actually took the time to read a book by someone who has never written anything before, and you finished it.  The best part about it was how you waited for me to get it right since I ran into some problems earlier.  I have a feeling most reviewers would have just forgotten about me when I made you wait another month so I could make my book better, but you allowed it and put my book back into your reading rotation. It was also great how you let me know on twitter when you started reading it.  That was a good way to quickly let me know that you were working on it.  You also worked very fast.  I know my book isn't that long, but you read it quickly and posted a review in no time.  I really have nothing but good things to say about working with you.  I will definitely be sending my next book to you when I finish it sometime next year."