Review: New Beginnings (The Quarantine Series #1) by Caleb Monroe

New Beginnings: Choose The World or Choose Your World? (The Quarantine Series) - Caleb Monroe

Ben is drifting along in life until a chance meeting with Jenna throws him into the path of a deadly cult that want them both dead. Ben and Jenna join forces in a race against time to stop the Cult of New Beginnings from taking over the planet. Ben and Jenna travel the globe in a bid to stop the cult and ultimately save the world. Would you save the world or save your world?


This debut novel from Caleb Monroe is a twist on the age-old good versus bad. Good guys Ben and Jenna battle to beat a cult in claiming artifacts from across the globe. The duo add Sam and Clark to their team as they meet them along the way.


The premise is exciting, intriguing and full of twists and turns. Endearing characters and descriptive use of language bring the story to life. This novel held my interest throughout, I just had to know what happened next.


My only criticism would be that the ending is a little abrupt, but no doubt all will be revealed in the next chapter of The Quarantine Series.


Sincere thanks to Caleb Monroe for sending me a copy of this novel in return for an honest review. I'm looking forward to reading the second instalment! 4/5 stars.