Review: Shattered by Shelby K. Morrison

Shattered - Shelby K. Morrison

Alex had always thought that she was just braver than her friends, never imagining the truth behind her lack of fear. She had a great apartment, good friends, a normal life. That is, until the mirror in her bathroom shatters, turning Alex's life upside down and bringing her very existence into question. Confused and vulnerable, Alex seeks to discover the shocking truth.


This novel certainly packs a punch. The premise is intriguing, lead character Alex endearing and it held my interest throughout. It's a smart psychological thriller full of drama and intrigue.


Although I'd describe this book as well-written, further proofreading and editing would be of benefit. There are several instances where a similar but incorrect word is used, such as 'conscious' in place of 'conscience'. Having said that, I do appreciate that professional proofreading and editing services are expenses that many self-publishers can ill afford.


Sincere thanks to Shelby K. Morrison for sharing her novel with me in return for an honest review.


3.5/5 stars.