Review: The Lady Thief by Shelby M. Hailstone

Lady Thief - Shelby M. Hailstone

The Lady Thief infiltrates a team of spies whose members include her nemesis Kittie, a brilliant scientist who also happens to play her in movies; Devon, the actor who stars opposite Kittie as the Lady Thief's love interest; Jared, her confidential informant and a few others, previously unknown to her.


Disguised by make-up and hair dye and using the name Kristi, the Lady Thief successfully becomes accepted into the team and part of their experimental use of a superpower injection. As the experiment gets underway, it becomes clear that a leak in the team needs to be stopped.

The Lady Thief must discover who is responsible for the leak, whilst fighting her growing feelings for the charming Devon.


On the whole, the characters are well written with their personalities coming through. The likeability factor is there, and flaws in some of the characters show their vulnerable sides. The story is interesting and multi-faceted - there is a lot going on here, but not too much to keep track of. It's easy to read, with minimal grammatical errors to distract the reader.


A negative for me is that it is rather long-winded. After a hectic action scene in the middle of the novel, the subtlety of the story didn't hold my interest as well. The Young Adult market is flooded with so many books that it is very difficult for a new novel to stand out from the crowd. I just hope that this title attracts attention in the overcrowded market.

Sincere thanks to author Shelby M. Hailstone for providing me with a review copy.