Review: The Sliammon Escudo by Geoffrey Tigg

The Sliammon Escudo - Geoffrey Tigg

Sincere thanks to author Geoffrey Tigg for sending me a copy of his novel in return for an honest review.


This is a tale of mystery, adventure, romance and intrigue. There is a lot going on in this novel - characters aplenty; several different sub-plots running through; a young romance; a long ago secret love story and treasure & riches. This novel is steeped in the history of the First Nations people of British Colombia.


Young First Nations inhabitant of Sliammon, Dillon, ventures outside his community to further his education. He reads Walter Smith's diary, and suddenly his life includes a budding romance, new pursuits and a hunt for treasure. The premise of this novel certainly intrigued me. The historical elements were interesting, Dillon and some other characters I found engaging.


I found the writing style a little stilted, it didn't always flow that well and I found this distracted me from the plot somewhat. This is probably due to my innate perfectionism rather than a criticism of the author's style.


This novel held my interest for the first third, then there was so much going on and so many different sub-plots that I lost some of the thread of what was going on with all the different characters. After this, I must admit I skimmed quite a bit as I wanted to know the outcome. All the ends were tied together nicely as the book finished, and there was a bit of a surprise. 3/5.