Review: The Calling by Louise G. White

The Calling - Louise G White

Thanks go to Louise G. White for sending me a copy of this book in return for an honest review.


Teenager Carolyn is witness to the horrific and bloody taking of her mother into a gateway that appears in their kitchen. Carolyn spends the next couple of years responding to the call of similar gateways, leaping through them in an effort to avenge this event, by killing any demons she finds on the other side.  


In a fantasy world where mages and demons are the norm, she encounters Note, a snake-like demon with compelling yellow eyes, and who Carolyn feels drawn to in a way she cannot resist. Unable to kill Note, she pulls him back through a gateway with her, sparing him from certain death at the hands of another. With Note transformed into the most attractive male that Carolyn has ever encountered, the pair form an unlikely bond.


Teaming up with a group of characters they are led to by the enigmatic Ethan, Carolyn and Note discover that they're anchored together, and that not only is Carolyn a much revered type of fighter known as a destroyer, she is also a breeder. Carolyn becomes much sought after by beings that want to claim her and make use of her breeder status.


The fantasy world that exists through the gateways is an exciting deviation from the focus of Carolyn's utter desolation whenever she is parted from Note. At times, I found myself getting a little annoyed at Carolyn's inability to snap out of her teenage angst, but kept reminding myself that she was perfectly entitled to behave like that. Her teenage hormones combined with Note's anchoring to her appear to be a lethal combination as she cannot control her behaviour towards anything that threatens their relationship.


The characters are somewhat endearing, particularly Note. His interactions with protagonist Carolyn are well written and great reading, and I found the premise of this novel exciting enough to hold my interest throughout. As this is the first book in a series, we won't find out what happens with Carolyn, Note and the others until the second book is published this autumn. I know I'll be getting hold of a copy to find out what happens next.