Review: Kill Your Boss by Shane Kuhn

Kill Your Boss - Shane Kuhn

This was a real page turner. The narrator is John Lago, an assassin, and an excellent one at that. The book is a guide, complete with rules, for those in the profession. Through the book John tells his story. We get to know him as someone who has had an incredibly hard life and is deeply flawed, but makes no excuses. Despite John's profession, he is a hard man not to like.


This book is witty, dark, with a serious amount of violence - it's utterly compelling. The twist towards the end was impossible to predict. Stylistically, it is clever in it's use of narration and transcripts. There is also a liberal helping of film referenceswhich enables us to understand and empathise with John in his dangerous world. A very human story with an ultra violent backdrop.


A cracking read.