Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep - Stephen King Review: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King As a Constant Reader of King, I was eagerly anticipating this sequel to The Shining. Sequels are a rarity for King, with the exception of The Talisman duo with Peter Straub and the brilliant Dark Tower series, so I must admit I was rather excited to read this book. Dan Torrance was a 5 year old child when The Shining ended. Here we catch up with him as an adult living an unassuming life, trying to leave his early childhood experiences behind him. He has to revisit the place of his nightmares as he helps a teenage girl in the age old battle of right and wrong. Reading The Shining isn't a prerequisite as this book mentions much of what happened all those years ago, as Dan recalls his early years. If you've not read The Shining and only seen the film, please take some time to read the book as Doctor Sleep follows on from this rather than the film of the same name. It's difficult to write a good review without giving too much away, but suffice to say that the battle is long and hard, with dirty fighting on both sides. Characters are lost along the way, some good and some bad, Dan's 'shining' is tested again and again as he battles against demons old and new. Unfortunately, I felt the book got a little lost around the middle section. I found myself skimming a bit as I wanted to know what happened, but I think the book could have been a bit shorter without losing anything. Having said that, I did really enjoy catching up with Dan and meeting some new characters. 4/5 stars.