The Knowing: The Gemini Women Trilogy (Book 1)

The Knowing - L.J. Charles I really enjoyed this book, the second I have read by this author. The characters were well written and likeable; the plot was interesting and exciting - the hunt for a serial killer who the main character Nia has witnessed killing people in strange 'visions'; Nia's strange connection to the murderer that threatens to unravel her entire family; her friends the woman detective and the herbalist, who try to help Nia to understand and control the visions; the unlikely romance between Nia and the murderer's defence attorney. Lots of brilliant interaction between all the characters and a family secret that could tear the family apart. Fast paced and full of surprises, this first book in the Gemini Women Trilogy does not disappoint, and I'm anticipating that the next installment will be just as good.