Marathon (A Lynn Bryant Mystery)

Skin: Jack Caffery series 4 - Mo Hayder I'd like to thank the author for the copy of this book, which I received in return for an honest review.
Lead character, Lynn, is a private investigator. She's a feisty, funny and likeable character and is backed up by a string of other characters. Each character is well written, interesting and memorable (even the criminals!) and the character interaction feels very real.
Lynn stumbles upon a case which the police are labeling a suicide. Lynn is not so sure, so decides to investigate further. What ensues is a guess who game to identify the killer from several characters. Lynn tries in vain to identify the killer, who leaves a few more bodies along the way.
This book is full of brilliant twists and turns and unexpected revelations. I love the story, this is not your average whodunit by any means - it is considered, intelligent writing with well written characters and a brilliant plot.
I'd especially recommend this to anyone who enjoys crime thrillers, but I'd urge readers of other genres to try this too.
I'll certainly be reading other books by this talented multi-published author.