Some Advice for New Authors Seeking Book Reviews

With so many new authors self-publishing, your hard work can be in real danger of disappearing under the weight of so many books jostling for attention. Having reviews of your book posted on retail and reader sites can be crucial in attracting potential readers of your work.


So, how do you go about finding the right reviewers? Good, honest reviewers can be hard to find. You can use social media such as twitter and Facebook - tweet/post asking potential reviewers to contact you; offer copies of your book via reader sites such as goodreads, librarything, lovereading and booklikes; offer copies via reviewer sites like netgalley and bookbridgr; check out reviewer profiles on places like the book tweeting service.


The agreement between you and the reviewer should be mutually beneficial - the reviewer receives a free copy (whether that be hardback, paperback, ebook or audio) of your work, and they in return help you out by taking the time to read and review your book. I have heard of reviewers who charge for their service. In my opinion this is wrong, as you're doing each other a favour!


Decide whether you want your book to be reviewed prior to/at the point of/after release. Timing can be great at creating public interest, particularly if advance readers tweet and/or post on Facebook, book blogs and/or reader sites such as goodreads. When contacting a would-be reviewer, try to include a brief synopsis of the book rather than a link. This ensures that the potential reviewer discovers the premise of the book without too much effort on their part. Copying and pasting the synopsis is just as easy for you as doing the same with a link.



 Make the reviewer aware of any specifics:-

If there is a specific site you would prefer reviews to be posted; if you only want reviews to be posted after a certain date (eg 2 weeks prior to book launch/on publication); if you would like reviews to be a certain length (eg more than 20 words; less than 140 characters). Ensure that your reviewers can work to your deadline, if you have one.


Getting the book to your reviewer can be done in a few different ways:- You can gift a copy via Amazon; give via the reader sites already mentioned; set your book up on smashwords and offer a free code; send a digital file by email; post a physical copy to the reviewer.


Keep in touch! If you find a really good reviewer, you might like them to review any books you write in the future. Follow them or add them as a friend. You never know where that friendship may take you.