Review: Rock the Heart by Michelle A. Valentine

Rock the Heart - Michelle A. Valentine

This book appealed to me as soon as I read the title and saw the cover. A tattooed rock star, his girl and a guitar. This is the first in the Black Falcon series, featuring the band of the same name.


This is incredibly easy to read and quite compelling. The characters are instantly likeable and the story quite charming.


A rock star reunites with his first love when she is sent on the road with him for two weeks to find out more about his charity for children's literacy.

While Laine doesn't discover too much about the charity, she certainly spends a lot of time scrutinising lead singer Noel's body. Regretting dumping him four years ago, Laine's love for Noel is rapidly rekindled. But Noel has a secret that could tear them apart...


This held my interest, but was quite predictable. A nice easy read. 3/5.