Review: The Finisher by David Baldacci

The Finisher - David Baldacci

I've previously read quite a few books by David Baldacci and really enjoyed them, so I was looking forward to getting stuck into his first journey into the YA genre. I'd like to thank the netgalley team for the copy i received to review. This title was published on 4th March by Pan Macmillan.


Fourteen-year-old Vega has lived all her life in Wormwood.  Beyond Wormwood lies the terrifying Quag, filled with all manner of weird and evil creatures that are intent on ripping a Wug like Vega limb from limb. All Wugs are taught from an early age that outside of the Quag there is nothing, just... nothing.


This is a wonderfully descriptive novel that easily rivals any of Baldacci's previous books. The story comes to life with the use of brilliantly descriptive language, draws you in from the very beginning and takes you for a very bumpy ride at breakneck speed before throwing you out after the thrilling conclusion. 4/5 stars.