Review: The Journey's End by Jane Woolfenden

The Journey's End - Jane Woolfenden

This book is quite unlike anything I've previously read. It's not typical of the type of book I'd usually enjoy, nor of my preferred genre. There is a distinct lack of fighting, murder, horror, crime and/or paranormal goings-on. Despite all of these factors, I simply loved this story and could not put it down.


Jane Woolfenden's wonderfully descriptive story about Isabel and Lee really played with my emotions in a way i wasn't expecting. I can count the number of books that have brought me to tears on one hand - this one makes number six! Main characters Isabel and Lee are so wonderfully human that I defy any reader not to get caught up in their story.


This book had me feeling so many different emotions, something i attribute to the author's brilliant storytelling. I'd like to thank Jane Woolfenden for sending me a copy of her book. If not for that, I might never have had the chance to read this fantastic emotional rollercoaster.