Review: Appetite for Corruption (Rockline Saga #1) by Hilary Mortz COMING SOON! - sample supplied by author

I've just finished reading the sample of Appetite for Corruption and...I absolutely love it! It's original, dramatic, entertaining, captivating and amusing.
The characters are brilliantly described - i can clearly picture the rockers (or those famous ones they are similar to) in my head, which to me is essential in a book. The list of characters at the beginning is a brilliant idea - i often lose track of who's who whilst reading a book - so it's great to be able to refer to this when needed. Each character is brought into the story with a little detail, so they next time they are mentioned, the reader already knows a little about them and how they fit into the story.
I like all the little sub-plots going on alongside the main storyline. This is a fantastic way of understanding how the characters all fit together, and finding out about any histories with each other.
I've actually been awake most of the night reading the sample because I really wanted to find out what happened next...I couldn't put it down! I'm really looking forward to reading the whole book and discovering more about Rockline.