Review: The Enchanted by Rene Denfeld

The Enchanted - Rene Denfeld

This is Rene Denfeld's debut novel and will be published on 13th March 2014. I'd like to thank everyone at The Lovereading Review Team for the ARC of this book, which I received in return for an honest review.


A death row inmates sits in his underground cell in a high security prison. Although he does not speak, he daydreams in words that weave a magical world far removed from his stark reality. The darkness of the prison world is unveiled through the words he listens to in his dreams. He listens to the lives of those around him, and shares his profound perceptions here.


This captivating story focuses on several different people including a death penalty investigator referred to as 'The Lady'; the priest; York, the prisoner in the next cell and The Lady's current client; and a young lad experiencing his first traumatic prison sentence. The deeply personal and disturbing childhood of The Lady, along with that of York, is described in heart-wrenching detail using the words the prisoner hears in his dreams.


The author's intricate use of vocabulary to convey the raw emotion of this beautifully told and haunting tale make this a truly mesmerising read. The attention to the tiniest detail at every step along the journey contibutes to the quality of this brilliantly seductive book. 4.5/5 stars.