Review: Aramantha by R. L. McCallum

Aramantha - R. L. McCallum

This novella has obviously been written by someone with little comprehension of the English language; the grammatical and punctuation errors, not to mention the spelling mistakes, make this really hard to read. There is also a huge over-use of long words, as if the author has found our longest and most rarely used words, and put them in place of less complex words that would have been perfectly adequate. Present and past tenses are muddled throughout and the story does not flow well.
The storyline has paranormal aspects within a (supposedly) erotic tale of a ghostly virginal young girl who sets about seducing our main character, Justin. The sex scenes are written crudely, with more than a hint of paedophilia - Amarantha looks as young as eleven despite being eighteen, and wears a schoolgirls uniform. The descriptive language used is clumsy and unappealing; the sex scenes are gross rather than erotic.
This novella does not have any imagination, it is predictable and unbelievable. I wouldn't recommend it, despite it being free (at the time that I downloaded it.)