Review: Insurgent (Divergent #2) by Veronica Roth

Insurgent  - Veronica Roth

I was really keen to read this book, having just finished, and really enjoyed, Divergent. It started off well but I feel it lost it's way somewhere in the middle of the book. Tris seemed to change from a kick-ass likeable girl into a whinging, complaining, emotional wreck. Yes she's only 16, but I'd come to expect more from her.

I feel that the story fell short of my expectations. So many people are raving about this series, and I really enjoyed the first book. This book started off well, but after the first few chapters I found myself wanting to skim over the pages as I got rather bored. By the time i got to the end of the book I really wasn't bothered whether Tris, Tobias and all the other characters survived or not!

It has taken me ages to read this book, which is unusual as I tend to read a book over a couple of days as a rule. It just didn't pique my interest enough to make me carry on reading into the early hours, as Divergent did. I'm hoping that the final book in the series, Allegiant, will be more exciting and prove this series worthy of all the hype.