Review: The Pleasures of Autumn (Pleasures #3) by Evie Hunter

The Pleasures of Autumn - Evie Hunter

I'd like to thank the author and publisher for the copy of this book, which I received via goodreads in return for an honest review.
I really like the cover of this book - it's simple, classy and doesn't give too much away. The review snippets on the back cover promise a good well written book, although I must admit a little trepidation on my part when I saw that it had been compared to that massively popular series by E. L. James, of which I'm not a huge fan!

The lead female character, Sinead, is a professional woman who until recently was a popular burlesque performer named Lottie, but is now a museum curator. It sounds an unlikely combination, but it works. We're treated to snippets of Lottie's performances throughout, as Sinead reminisces about her past life. Included in her daydreams is one particular admirer named Niall, a huge Viking of a man that Lottie/Sinead has fantasised about.

When a precious ruby is stolen from the museum, damning CCTV footage shows Sinead's image stealing the ruby... evidence that Sinead cannot deny... or can she? Assigned to the case as a personal bodyguard, to ensure that chief suspect Sinead doesn't do a disappearing act, is none other than Niall, to whom Sinead seems strangely familiar...

We then follow Niall's attempt to pin down the thief, while simultaneously pinning down his chief suspect... in bed/shower/other numerous places!
The sex scenes in this book are well written and, more importantly, believable - unlike that popular BDSM book (in my opinion.) The two main characters are likeable and real - nothing in this book seems too far-fetched to be true.

The different parts of this story roll seamlessly together and there are twist and turns aplenty which made this book hard to put down. I'd describe this as a crime/thriller/erotica book which draws you in from the first chapter. I'll definitely be reading the two previous books in this series and looking out for more from Evie Hunter. 4.5 stars out of 5.