Review: Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It by Nick Carter

Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It - Nick  Carter


I read this book as a fan of Backstreet Boys and because I was curious to know what exactly Nick had faced. I had only heard about his relationship with Paris Hilton, his sister Leslie's death, seen House of Carters once and listened to BSB music & gone to a couple of their concerts here in the UK. I had no idea that Nick had struggled with drugs and alcohol or that his upbringing had been so dysfunctional, so I read about these parts of his life with interest.

This book is part autobiography, part self-help, but isn't a roaring success at either. I enjoyed the autobiological parts of the book more than the self-help parts, although to be honest, he's not really telling people what to do but rather pointing them in the right direction to seek advice.

What is clear from the book is that Nick was deeply affected by the death of his sister Leslie in early 2012. This part of the book was very well written and really struck a nerve with me as I sadly lost my younger brother to drugs almost twenty years ago. Nick writes of his loss in a way that brought tears to my eyes -a most unusual occurrence!

What I really loved about this book is hearing how Nick talks about his relationship with fiancee Lauren. They are clearly very happyhappy together and made for each other. It's lovely that he now has this brilliant partnership in which they support each other.

Interesting, but probably only to BSB fans or perhaps teenagers finding themselves on a slippery path laden with drink and drugs. I do feel as though I know much more about Nick Cater than I did before, and I'm glad he's found a way out of the big black hole he was in.