Review: The Den by Jennifer Abrahams

The Den - Jennifer Abrahams

I quite like vampire books, but this one, not so much. The characters aren't particularly endearing, and I found lead character Skyla rather irritating. She meets some guy in a café and then sets off on a drive with him from New York to New Orleans...with a stranger she had just met... not very believable! So Alex, the stranger, doesn't really speak to her during the whole trip. What does our heroine do? Does she get the next buts/train/plane out of there? No, she just takes it. Again, not very believable. So they get to New Orleans and it turns out he's brought her to his vampire den to meet his vampire 'family' who have false fangs. Come again? false fangs... veneers no less...WTF? 
This could have been a really good book, but it's really not very good. The writing doesn't flow very well and the speech in particular isn't very well phrased. This only added to my annoyance at such a weak heroine and a story with a distinct lack of oomph! 
I'm giving two stars for this book's potential. It would read a while lot better with some editing and proofreading. I'm not even going to bother with book two in the series.