Review: Blood Descent (Blood Hunters #3) by Marie Treanor

Blood Descent - Marie Treanor

Onto the third book in the brilliant vampire series! This installment focuses on Konrad, now a renegade after trying to blow up the Angel club, and subsequently deserting fellow hunter friends Istvan & Mihaela.

We catch up with Konrad, who finds himself strangely drawn to vampire Maggie, sent by Dimitriu to stay close to Konrad to see what he is up to. Konrad's friend Elizabeth is heavily pregnant by vampire lover Saloman, and a truce has been called between vampires and hunters - something Elizabeth's as yet unborn child will seal.

Konrad loves Elizabeth but is appalled by the thought of the hybrid child, something he sees as an abomination. He sets out to kill the child and her father, breaking the peace contract. Konrad finds himself conflicted, his growing desire for Maggie adding fuel to the fire.

The characters are endearing, particularly vampire Maggie, and this book is well written. The story grabs you from the beginning and challenges you to hold tight along the ride to the inevitable conclusion. 

I enjoyed this third book in the series, although not as much as the previous two books. I felt i didn't care as much about lead character Konrad, but that's probably because I didn't agree with his actions and so found him rather unlikeable. We do find out why he is so vehement in his hatred of vampires, but he didn't really get my sympathy by that point.

I'm looking forward to reading book four in the series, and the final fifth book when it comes out later this month. I'd like to thank the author and publisher for the copy I received via netgalley in return for an honest review.