Review: The Pumpkin Cookbook by DeeDee Stovel

The Pumpkin Cookbook, 2nd Edition: 139 Recipes Celebrating the Versatility of Pumpkin and Other Winter Squash - DeeDee Stovel

Published by: Storey Publishing (1st August 2017)


ISBN: 9781612128337


Source: Netgalley


Rating: 4*



From Currant-Pumpkin-Oat Scones to Chicken-Pumpkin Tacos, Pumpkin-Filled Ravioli with Fried Sage, Ginger-Pumpkin Ice Cream, and of course (seven!) pies, this comprehensive cookbook reminds us that the iconic symbol of fall is so much more than jack-o'-lantern material. These 139 recipes offer diverse and delicious options for enjoying pumpkin and other winter squash, such as butternut, acorn, and kabocha, year-round. With recipes for many forms of pumpkin, including both fresh and canned pumpkin puree, and inspired by world cuisines, the versatility of this superfood shines through in snacks, drinks, salads, soups, main dishes, and desserts.



I love pumpkin and squash and relish this time of year. In fact, I think it's such a shame to see all the pumpkins that just get carved for Halloween and discarded, when all that yumminess could've been used for so many different recipes.


This is a fantastic book. It's full of different ways to use pumpkins and squashes to create delicious savoury and sweet dishes. Wild mushroom pumpkin risotto and chocolate pumpkin brownies are particular favourites, although I do love the soups too.

The comforting dishes are prefect for the autumn and winter seasons here in the the UK and I'm sure many of them will become familiar favourites in my kitchen.


I received an advanced egalley from Storey Publishing via Netgalley on a voluntary basis.